Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tool #2

1.  With my new position I will be able to use PLN's to keep in contact with the grade level teams at my campus.  It will also be a great way for us to share best practices with one another.  It is also a wonderful way to share resources with one another.  It also offers the flexibility that is important when time is so limited.  Another great benefit is being able to branch outside of our district to connect with other people.  I'm always on the hunt for other "tools" to add to my tool box so that I can empower teachers. 
2.  One of the things that I might struggle with is finding a way to "comb through" the posts that are made.  One of the things that I might try is to have reflective questions after I've given a training.  This will allow me to see what the participants got out of the training, answer questions, and allow them to add their thoughts to what was presented. 
3.  I commented on Deb Raschke, Katie Kavanagh, Sharon Gabriel, Dr. Andrew Bering, Donald Burken.

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