Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tool #4

1. I created a Google Doc for my graduate class. We did a project where we had to collaborate with one another in order to create a document that summarized the attributes of an effective leader. It really worked well because we were able to compile all of our information when we all live in different states. We were able to pull the best information from everyone to come up with a great project.
2. We asked several of our classmates to make their comments so that we could get instant feedback.
3. I will be able to use this in many different ways. With our new positions we will want to not only share resources with one another, but we will also want to collaborate with one another. Another way that I will use this tool is when I'm creating trainings on a campus and district level. I will use many different features on google apps on a campus and district level. I really like keeping everyone "connected" and on the same page. The calendar will really be useful. It will allow the teachers and teams to set follow-up appointments with me.

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