Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tool #8

1. The technology that is coming into the classrooms is so exciting. Working at several campuses that already have these tools has been exciting. The children, and teachers, are so excited to learn their content through using the tools. It has added a whole new dimension to learning. Some of the tools that the classrooms will have are: Dell Notebooks with Web Cams, IPod & ITouches. The teacher will need to get an itoons account so they can choose what will be loaded onto the devices. It is a great way for them to make sure that the students are in the apps that they want them to use.
2. Management is key in the classroom. I like the idea of having a materials manager in the workstation. I've seen teachers use a variety of "containers" to hold the devices so that they are easy to retrieve and easy to pass out to the students. The students need to be the ones doing all of the "work". The teacher needs to facilitate through discussing the rules with the children. Often times the children are "harder" on themselves then the teacher would be. It is also good to appoint a "technology expert". The teacher can hold "interviews" for this position and it can rotate periodically throughout the year. The children will really enjoy this job and will take it seriously.

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