Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tool #10

1.  I want students to understand that digital citizenship includes safety, digital literacy, and etiquette.
We need to ensure that our students know the safeguards for keeping themselves safe. It is crucial that they understand that they shouldn't give out any personal information about themselves.  Another important thing to teach them is how to ensure that the resources that they are accessing are valid ones.  We can give them ways to verify the information that they are collecting.  It is also important that they are respectful of copyright issues.  Our children need to know how to cite resources appropriately.
2.  I really like brain pop.  I plan on using the Digital Citizenship video with the children. It is really easy for them to understand.
3.  I'm going to teach each of the 4 components of digital citizenship to the students that I work with.  It is important that they understand all of the components so they can be responsible users of technology. 
4.  It is also important for our parents to know and understand digital citiczenship.  One of the ways that we can do this is by offering a class for parents during library night.  Here we can show the prarents the videos that we are using with thier children and we can also share with them our districts user policy.  It is going to take everyone to ensure that our students are protected in this digital age.

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